hubspot resource center redesign

a marketing team needed clarity and organization for their content.

The marketing team at CloudPay required too much guidance and documentation to make simple updates to their website, which was handicapping their marketing progress and preventing them from reaching their goals.

the problem.

CloudPay’s small marketing team at the time of development meant that changes to their HubSpot CMS website and any custom-developed tools needed to be agile, easy to use and quick to update.


However, this wasn’t the case. As the team focused on growing their online presence, their development team didn’t create modules within the HubSpot CMS that marketers could easily update.


the solution

To resolve the problem, HubDB and scripting and expertise with HubSpot CMS allowed the development team at deckerdevs to combine blogs and other resources (landing pages, data sheets, website pages, etc).


Rather than manually adding blogs to resource centers like many other solutions that Agencies create in the HubSpot CMS and HubDB - this project saves the client time when they create their content.


This solution allows them to focus on content strategy and lead generation rather than clunky development modules. 


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