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mobile optimization

85% of adult website users believe that a mobile website should be as good or better than a desktop website.  
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don't end up last.

prioritize mobile first.

customers want to perform their desired action on your page as quickly as possible. designing for mobile devices first means you can focus just on critical elements for a streamlined, functional mobile website. 

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over half of web visitors are coming from mobile devices.

are you ready for them?

79% of buyers don't return after a bad experience with a mobile website. 
  • get your page speed right.
  • cut the clutter on mobile
  • make it stupid easy to find what they need.
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5.6 billion searches a day on google.

mobile optimized sites matter more than ever when it comes to how your site ranks.


and how well it performs and maintains that rank once it does rank well? that can change based on how users engage with your site. 

level up and *stay* there.