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roi calculators

"is it worth it? let me work it." - missy elliott


help them rationalize the investment associated with your products and services. 

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a shorter sales process.

buyers are doing more of their discovery work in preliminary search than they've ever done before. 


as data shows more and more buyers on an increasingly self-guided buyer journey - you need to make sure you meet them there. 


ROI calculators decrease customer acquisition costs and make cfos super happy.

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roi calculators work for every industry

there are endless use cases for where roi calculators help - but ultimately wherever a customer needs to rationalize the investment in your products and services - you'll find value in placing one on your website. 
  • eco-sustainbility calculators
  • lender calculators
  • service competitor analysis
  • vacation or household budgeting
  • consultants and recruiters
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show them the money.

bat down objections to your products and services by pre-qualifying prospects before your sales team even picks up the phone. 


roi calculators do all that and more. 

say yes to a shorter sales process.